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Welcome To D&A Collection Corporation


Welcome to D&A Collection Corporation where you can partner with a collection agency that ensures you meet your goal of maximizing revenue.

We know our business; our tried and tested strategies yield proven results. We've built long-standing partnerships with various industries providing high returns at minimum risk.

Our Corporate Pillars: PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY are the foundation of our success.

Our PEOPLE are integral to our success. We understand that we are an extension of our clients, and we'll represent your brand and uphold your reputation in the marketplace. We're proud of our ability to train, educate, and develop the necessary skills for exceptional dispute management, professional negotiation, and swift conflict resolution.

Experience counts; our experienced collectors handle a diverse range of services and collections. Experience equals a shorter learning curve and higher productivity. Our staff is well trained, well versed and extremely knowledgeable in various industries. Our people have long tenure, are professional and motivated. In short, our people provide high returns on our client's portfolios!

Our unique PROCESS is built on over 20 years of tried and true practices. We will invest in you and partner with you to provide customized services that work for you. Our business model ensures that our people are well trained, well versed and knowledgeable in your specific industry. Our Compliance and Quality Assurance department upholds the most rigorous of standards to maintain high levels of consistency and efficiency. Our process is designed to provide maximum results and maximum returns on your portfolio.

is our investment to get you to the next level. D&A Collection Corporation is one of Canada's most technically advanced collection agencies. We've invested in our systems to accommodate any client requirement including call recording, portfolio customization, client specific reporting and online access. With abilities like this, we're armed with the information and the technology we need to support our clients, customize our service to meet your needs, and maximize returns more than ever.